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Purses and Jewelry 2012

Purses and Jewelry 2012

2012 Jewelry Trends
Nothing can make a woman more blissful and happier than the thought of getting a new jewelry piece. When it comes to accessories, a trendy and elegant piece of jewelry could turn any boring outfit into a chic and eye-catching one. Following are some 2012 jewelry trends you may want to consider. Are you looking for the perfect rings? Have a look at our huge selection of rings you can pick and buy online.

Statement necklace: This trendy jewelry piece can match with neutral, solid colored clothing. Statement necklace just got bolder and bigger this season with funky designs and big stones. A mix of metals such as gold, silver and bronze would be the highlight this year. Choose a bib necklace or statement necklace with an African-inspired design.

Cocktail rings: Cocktail rings have lasted through several seasons. The ring is a must-have in the wardrobe of any Fashionista, and now the focus is on the flower and animal motifs. Cocktail rings with unique designs and multi-colored stones are the new trend. Clover motifs and butterfly motifs are some of the popular styles. You may also try different stones such as aquamarine, coral and peridot rather than sticking to emeralds and sapphires. Metals like silver and gold are very popular, but for a cheaper option, you can go for copper and bronze.

Chandelier earrings: After being thrown out of fashion in 2011, chandelier earrings have returned to the scene this year. The earrings are long, nearly shoulder grazers. In addition, they are sleeker and use of glass beads, uncut diamonds and semi-precious stones has become very popular. Opt for pieces that come in bright colors and deep hues such as green, cobalt blue, orange and plum. You can match chandelier earrings with long gowns and cocktail dresses.

Layered chains: The perfect way to enliven a simple dress is by wearing layered chains. When choosing layered chains, try getting a piece with various design textures and elements. Layered chains with pearls, tassels, ribbons and feathers are very popular this year.
2012 Purse Trends
Purse trends for 2012 has brought some exciting variations on new designs and classic looks that a buyer would opt for. Consumers can check the style blogs and latest fashion magazines to get tricks and tips on how to accessorize with the new purses on the market.

Here are some purses for 2012:
Fur bags: Fur bags are hardly versatile and not very practical but they undeniably look luxurious and that’s what most people would consider and give everything for. The fur bags come in a wide variety of types; genuine and even fake fur, long-haired and short-haired, colored and printed fur. Moreover, you can get several bag styles trimmed with fur.

Roomy bags: They have gained popularity among ladies with busy schedules as well as those who need to perform a few tasks and move to different areas at the same time. For instance, if you need to work, take your children to school, attend dance classes and fulfill other daily duties, you’ll be happy to realize your big bag that can hold everything you may need during the day is now elegant and trendy.

Tiny bags: These bags are great for going out, for weddings, romantic dates and such occasions where you need just a lipstick and phone with you.